January 5, 2013

they talk about a resolution.

I don't know about you, but I love a new year. I love fresh starts - periods of time where you purposefully take a step back and re-evaluate things. Have a little chat with yourself, so to speak. How are things going? Am I living the life I want? Could life, love, work, etc, be better?

I have emerged from the past few months with a different perspective, but I think it's actually a good thing. There's nothing like a traumatic experience to make you take a close look at your priorities. I survived the holidays and even held a lot of babies without crying. Life goes on.

So, I have some goals for this year. They fall into two categories: 'virtuous, lofty goals' and 'superficial-but-fun goals'.

1. Be better, but not a pushover.
I will be a better wife and friend, but I am also going to take care of myself. No more people-pleasing for me.
2. Learn new things.
Hey guess what? I've already all over this one. After years of fascination with ballerinas, I am starting my first-ever adult beginner ballet class. I'm so excited. The next time you see me, you won't even recognize me because I'll be so freaking graceful. 
3. Be less afraid.
This year, I'm going to move forward in my career. If we decide to try having a family again, I'll try my hardest not to be afraid. I'll speak up for myself and try to be more honest.

1. I will continue growing out my hair, and when it gets longer, I will color it. Ombre, here I come. It's time. I need a change.
2. I will take a sexy vacation with my husband. You might be wondering what constitutes a 'sexy' vacation? Well, it involves the beach or a pool and hot weather. Palm Springs, perhaps?
3. I will save up for a digital SLR camera and take a class to learn to use it properly. And then maybe I'll have better photography on this blog. 

I can do this. 2013, I'm ready for you.


  1. I love that you're taking ballet classes. You go girl!

    Also, I love your "be better, but not a pushover" goal. Well said. I'm going to steal that one from you and apply it to my life.

  2. Where are you taking the dance classes at? Tonight my friend and I talked about doing this!

  3. @lauraglu I'm taking the adult beginner class at the San Francisco Academy of Ballet. I've been twice now and can't say enough good things about it. http://www.chamberdancesf.org/academy/