March 31, 2009

Hello there.

I'm not sure how to start I'll just start by saying hello. My name is Meagan and I have a little baking business, Little Bird Bake Shop. I bake out of my mom's kitchen at Tea Bar & Bites Cafe. If you haven't been there for lunch, or for a lovely summer dinner on the patio, you really should. My mom has been kind enough to let me sell boxes of cupcakes out of her shop, as a start. Without her, Little Bird Bake Shop probably wouldn't exist at all.

I've been thinking about starting a blog for awhile, but to be honest, I think it's kind of weird. I love reading other people's blogs, but I've never been one to want to announce my thoughts and inner-most feelings to the rest of the world. I have a strong aversion to being the center of attention. You should see me speak in front of a crowd. It's frightening.

But I feel the need, for some reason, to chronicle the process of the bake shop and whatever it may become. It's such an infant thing right now, and I have no idea what will come of it, but I hope that it's something.

And even more than that, I'm starting this blog because I really love food. I love the way it makes people happy, the way it brings people together. What's better than creating a meal for the people you love, sharing a bottle of wine, and telling stories long into the evening? I can't think of anything, really.

Bye for now.