September 28, 2012

she knows how to throw a party.

We celebrated our friend Edyta's 30th with a big blowout, which is only appropriate for the person who is lovingly referred to as the 'polish party parade' by her boyfriend Jared. The party was held at The Workshop, which is a place where you can learn to do all sorts of things, from sewing to beer-making. The icing on the cake was the hot dog cart that showed up around midnight to feed us after a night of drinking. She's knows how to throw a party, that one.

I wore a backless jumpsuit, which is like the clothing equivalent of a dirty martini. Made me feel dangerous. It's also like wearing pajamas.

Photos courtesy of Edyta & Jared's photo booth company, Tomfoolery.

September 23, 2012

how to win friends and influence people

People, it's time. It's the time to tell you about The Cookie. It occurred to me I haven't given near enough attention to this cookie recipe on my blog and I aim to rectify that situation post-haste, tout-suite.

If you aren't a big baker but want to have one solid cookie in your repertoire, this is it. Make this slightly adapted version of the New York Times chocolate chip cookie recipe and immediately everyone will think you have magical baking skills. I promise.

September 21, 2012

bill cunningham new york

image from the New York Times
I just finished watching the documentary Bill Cunningham New York about the fashion photographer who does the weekly column 'On the Street' in the New York Times. The Sunday edition of the NYT is one of my most favorite things in the world to read. When I get the chance to read it, I flip immediately to the Style section which is where you can find Bill's column. What an inspiring life he has lived - for someone who is so connected to the wealth of the fashion world, frugal doesn't even describe the way he lives.

"He who seeks beauty will find it."
- Bill Cunningham