September 12, 2011

food fatigue, and a word on bedding.

image: west elm

 image: Madewell

I didn't think it was possible, but something happened today that rarely ever happens. I have food fatigue. Maybe it's because we've been eating non-stop since we moved, or maybe it's because I'm feeling a little pudgy and seriously need to get some exercise around here for crying out loud. But nevertheless, I just made the saddest excuse for a dinner, probably in my history. How does one screw up brown rice? I'm not sure, but I just did. Folks, you can't win 'em all. 

You know what I do feel like writing about? Clothes and bedding. I can't blame it on Fall since we don't really have seasons here (I'm just now figuring this out), but I've got the shopping bug in a bad way. Don't you just love chevron? And a good, practical, all-weather jacket? I do. So instead of actually buying things I don't need or can't afford, I put them in my online shopping cart, walk away from my laptop, and hope that the little West Elm and Madewell fairies will deliver them to my doorstep. Thank you, and good night.