August 19, 2012


What happens when you don't yet have a human child? You spend all your money on your dog. And when he has intensive knee surgery, you mother him back to health and bore all your friends with updates on how he's doing. I can only imagine what my friends with kids think about us spending an ungodly amount of money for the doggie version of a knee replacement.

Our six-year-old boxer is on the mend. Is it weird that I have loved mothering him and attending to his every need while he recuperates? I think maybe it means I need a real kid. But for now, he is our child and it was hard to see him in pain. I will say that the orthopedic veterinary surgeon we used (yep, those do exist - and they charge A LOT of money) did an amazing job. 10 days later, and he's already walking like a normal dog. I honestly can't believe it. So for all of you waiting anxiously on the edge of your seat for an update, he's doing just fine. He'll be back to running laps and punching other dogs in the face in no time.


  1. YAY!!! so SO happy to hear this....and being one of those friends with both a kid AND a dog, i have to say HE IS WORTH EVERY PENNY AND THEN SOME. give him lots of love from us too!!!
    Nat (and Michael and Stella)

  2. poor baby! good thing he has such a wondeful mummy. you're lucky to have each other.