January 1, 2012

two-thousand-twelve, show us whatcha got.

My New Year's Eve looked a little like this:

{that's my brother and I having a dance party in our jammy-jams}

We had ourselves a rip-roarin' New Year's Eve. We ate a delicous brisket-in-red-wine prepared by my seeester-in-law Vanessa, the appetizers I made were pretty tasty, the drinks I made were even tastier, and we wrote down "ten to forty resolutions" at the request of Vanessa, on the back of a postcard, that will be mailed to me later. Unfortunately Jason was still in Springfield so he couldn't be there and we missed him a whole lot. We all had a hard time staying awake till midnight, decided to get our pajamas on to wait for its arrival, and then when midnight struck, I didn't even notice until people started calling me. You see, we're getting older. We get sleepy early and forget things easily. It was a super fun evening.

But to get serious for a minute, 2011 was a thrillingly wonderful, tough, amazing little year. In summary we:
- finished remodeling our house and sold it in three days.
- almost moved to Seattle for Jason to go to grad school but then decided not to.
- went to Ireland for an incredible wedding, and then to Paris, where I fell back in love with my favorite city.
- packed up all our things, quit our jobs, threw caution to the wind, and made all my dreams come true by moving to San Francisco. We arrived officially on July 23.
- by some kind of miracle, I found a kick-ass job and was hired before we even moved.
- met some really wonderful new friends. Just when you think you've made all the close friends you're ever going to make, surprise! you make more friends.
- discovered the TV show 'Damages' and are now officially addicted.

2011, you rocked my world. Moving was really hard (and expensive, lordy!) but so incredibly worth every single penny and all the stress and exhaustion and emotions that we paid to make it happen. 2012, show us whatcha got. If it's even half as exciting and life-changing as 2011, it's going to be a good year.

To celebrate this first day, I plan to sit on my couch watching the second season of Damages and eat Adronico's chocolate chip cookies for dinner.

Happy 2012!

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