October 17, 2011

still recognizable

It's strange how so many things have changed in the past year, yet my life is still recognizable. I just sat and looked through all our wedding photos - laughing and maybe getting a little teary-eyed - at how amazing that day was. Is it weird to be so in love with a day?

When I see pictures of other people's weddings now, it makes me feel really emotional about our wedding. I'd marry him all over again if I could. I love love, what can I say?

It's surreal and comforting to be a in a place in my life where I truly have nothing to complain about. I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing. I watch our dog getting older. I think about actual human babies. I bake when I want to and discover that adding salt to cookies is a fool-proof path to delicious. I cherish my friends more now than ever. I watch the sun set over this gorgeous city. I am lucky.

my friends came to visit and celebrate a 30th birthday
our dog is terrified of his new food bowl and refuses to eat. sigh.

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