June 17, 2011

Welcome home.

Well, we did it. We arrived in San Francisco on Wednesday evening. We are now the following things:

1. Homeless. We are currently staying with my brother in Pacifica. Bless him and my dear sister-in-law.
2. Jobless. I'm enjoying this fact for now, but check back in a couple of months and I might be going insane. Or at least driving Jason insane for sure. 
3. Missing my doggie bubby bamboozle (his nickname, of course). Also, frustrated by the lack of dog-friendly apartments in this town. Jeez, what is their problem? Why do they hate dogs?
4. Really happy we made this decision. Since we got here, we keep saying to each other, "Welcome home!" as if we are trying to convince ourselves that we do, in fact, live here. It's still so surreal, but in a good way. We did the right thing. I almost feel like we didn't have a choice; we had to do it or I would have always wondered 'what if?' and I don't like regrets.

So, for now, we search for the perfect, ridiculously expensive apartment and for gainful employment. If they knew us, the would love us, right? I'm actually ready to get to work. "Sitting" and "relaxing" have never been strengths of mine. (See, I'm already practicing for interviews!)

The Mitchells
a.k.a. California residents

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  1. Yes ma'am, you are right. Welcome home! We're just a few hours south if you need anything we can provide... M&V, R&T