August 6, 2010

they have arrived.

I've been like a kid on Christmas since Tuesday, which was the day we got to see our highly anticipated wedding photos, courtesy of Adie Gately with Twin Town Studios. Jason and I sat at the Coffee Ethic  and looked at every single one. There were 1,000 photos all together. I couldn't believe it. Looking at the pictures was like reliving the entire day. It was just as perfect as I remember it.

All the little details we planned for the wedding, and all the time it took to make them happen, were totally worth it in the end. When we were deciding how we wanted our wedding to be, we knew we wanted it to be memorable. We wanted our guests to eat great food, drink good wine, and dance. We made almost everything ourselves, from the cloth napkins to the succulent centerpieces.

The food, provided by my mom's restaurant, was Moroccan-themed and included:
Moroccan chicken
Roasted tomatoes with a harissa rub
Spring salad of fresh greens, strawberries, feta and a basil vinaigrette
Roasted baby new potatoes with herbs

For dessert, I knew I couldn't commit to just one thing. I do appreciate wedding cakes, but I wanted to serve all of our favorites. In addition to a small wedding cake, my mom's staff made coconut cream cupcakes and lemon bars, and I made my favorite brownie recipe. For Jason's groom's cake, his mom made four apple pies. All of this disappeared within a matter of minutes. Imagine that.  

Our wedding was so "us" and I'm really happy about that. 

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